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Why I Need a Coach: Clarity

I am what you might call a “go-getter.” I’m ambitious, I’m action-oriented, and I make things happen! But, that doesn’t always get me what I want. Or need, even.  Sometimes, being all action lands me into places that have my friends, family, and coworkers clicking their tongues and asking, “what did you expect?” To be honest, sometimes I can’t even recall what I expected; I just wanted to get moving.

One example would be the time I organized and implemented Edmonton’s first vegetarian festival: Vegtoberfest. My idea for it had no end goal – I just wanted to celebrate all the cool veg*n people and veg*n-friendly businesses that I had recently discovered. (And, it was a spoof on the famous festival Oktoberfest… I like playing with words the most!) When it came to the Opening Day and I was called on to give a speech, my words were not as meaningful as they would have been with a clear intention for the festival.  As for judging whether or not to include or exclude an event, I had no criteria. Measuring my success was difficult because I did not know if I had achieved what I wanted to.  All in all, there were a lot of things left out of this transformative experience of mine.

Now, I’m not saying that I wish I had had a blueprint to follow through the whole process. Part of what I love about the experience is that it DID transform me because I had never done anything like it before. And nobody around had done anything like it, either. What I am saying is that it might have been better if I had started with some clarity on what I wanted to achieve. Maybe I would have been better able to explain my idea to the board. Perhaps more people would have clamoured behind the movement if there had been a clear picture of what we were creating. If I had more clarity on what I had wanted the end result to be, it might have reached even more people.

What if I had taken some critical reflective moments and was really clear on what I was going to create? What if I had had a Life Coach?  Thinking back on the event, I realized that having a Life Coach through it all would have been a great idea!  Nobody in the organization had done a project of this size before, so there was nobody there to mentor me through it.   I was a dreamer and I wanted to create my dream; nobody could have given me a blueprint on that vision except myself, too. The right Life Coach would have helped me get clear on what that vision of Vegtoberfest was and how I was going to make that happen.   Working with a Life Coach, I might have worked on boosting my confidence going into the project, so that selling the idea came more easily to me. And – on those days when I felt like I was getting nowhere; when 4 people showed up to an event instead of 40; or when a volunteer cancelled at the last minute – my Life Coach would have been there for support and to refocus me on my bigger vision.

Hindsight, as the cliché goes, is 20:20. The truth of the matter is that I didn’t actually know what a Life Coach did back then. And maybe you don’t either.  I didn’t know what the process would be like, or if I would be able to trust the Coach, let alone feel comfortable meeting with them on a regular basis.

Now I know though, that I could have at least tried having a Life Coach through this transformative project I undertook. Most coaches will offer you a taste of their service before you agree to their service for 3-18 months. An Introductory Session is a great way to really get to know how your coach will support you throughout your journey, and see if Coaching – with the right coach – is the path for you.  No person is the same; not every coach is the same, too.


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veg*n = vegetarian and vegan