2015: Manifestation and Clarity – NOT Planning

“This will be a landmark year for you, the kind of year when it all comes together and you break through the clouds and into the sunshine… You don’t need to plan, you don’t need to look forward – “

My horoscope told me this is going to be my year…but I’m not supposed to plan it.

WHAT?!? This is the year I am launching my own business. This is the year I am going to show the world what I am all about. This is the year I need to plan the MOST for. How am I supposed to NOT plan it? Who launches a business without a plan? Who goes out into the world with a brand they haven’t planned entirely for? Who makes things happen WITHOUT a plan?

Hmmm…actually, that’s exactly how I make things happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love PLANNING; however, so many of my plans are actually never executed. And, the best moments of my life happened completely by accident: the bus trip to Marrakesh, organizing Edmonton’s first Vegetarian Festival, being a founding manager for a successful restaurant, falling in love with my best friend. So, maybe that is exactly the thing I have to do this year: stop planning!

Who am I without a plan? Imperfect? Yes, probably – just like everybody out there with a plan. Authentic? Definitely! Confident? Well, sometimes… Ay, as Willy S. would say, and there’s the rub. For months I have been planning my launch, preparing to be this amazing Life Coach and Motivational Speaker and waiting to act on it until I have the right plan. I have been planning how I am going to live my dream so much that I have stopped myself from actually doing it. I have interested clients, but I’m not “there” yet with my plan, so I can’t sign them. I get rave reviews after my most impromptu speeches, but I agonize for weeks over making the prepared ones perfect. And…don’t even get me started about my day job!

As the world drives you into making resolutions, and dreaming about how to make 2015 YOUR year, I have some different advice for myself, that you too might just find helpful. Stop planning your life, and start living it!

For clarity, I want to highlight this point: “planning” is not a bad thing. It is important to know where you want to go, and to have a map in case you get lost. But for me, and many others like myself, we get so caught up in creating that map, that we forget to hit the road and go towards our final destination. This is the year that I resolve to stop doing that. I have a vague sense of my destination; and the map gets a few more icons as I go further along the road. I can’t possibly know every where I will have to go before reaching that final destination, but that’s half the fun of any road trip! Each wrong turn gives me a bit more experience, too, and that experience directly builds my confidence.

“Take each day as it comes and set yourself one realistic goal at a time. You don’t need a plan, you don’t need to look forward – just take a small step in the direction that feels right for you and then keep on walking.”

Having a plan may not be the best thing for me this year, but knowing that I am prepared for all of those turns just might be.  As the time for reflecting on 2014 comes to a close, and the sheen of your new adventures in 2015 starts to wear off, think on that. You don’t need a specific plan to manifest the perfect year; your past adventures have prepared you for all you will face in the next 12 months.


2 thoughts on “2015: Manifestation and Clarity – NOT Planning

  1. Great post Jodi! Loving the idea of not planning. My “word for the year” is Leap! Leap into the unknown. Leap and I will fly. Leap and figure out the landing later. So what you said totally resonated with me!

    Wishing you a prosperous 2015!

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