Who Is Koach Karlssen?

I help passionate people maintain harmony

in their lives so that they can

avoid burnout and instead

make things happen

and change the world!

At 17, I left home, determined to change the world…

My first plan to do this was through academia. I was going to be an inspiring Professor of History, constantly challenging the young minds of the philosophers of our future.

Books made me restless, though. I wanted to see the world I was going to change. At 21, I left my country, determined to make a difference…

For ten months, I was an International Volunteer at a prep and boarding school in England. I learned a lot about having an impact on the young lives that needed it most; and, I struggled to accept the bureaucracy of a similar but different culture than my own…

I returned home, and acquired a feline companion. His dependence on security and consistency kept my feet in Canada for everything but a week-long trip abroad.  My wanderlust never healed, my desire to make an impact only increased, and my rage against the system got stronger. At 25, I left the corporate world behind…

For four years, I was a leader for small businesses challenging the broken systems of our world, and changing the world one customer, employee, and manager at a time. My ability to empower others strengthened with every month of managing fellow passionate people. My desire to make an impact on the world we wanted to change only increased. My aspirations to help others make things happens grows deeper every day.

In 2014, I began The Art & Science of Life Coaching through Erickson International. In just over a year, I finished my training required for certification and had begun helping clients find harmony in their lives. As my clients gained clarity on their goals, they began to witness their successes more than they feared their failures. They took more leaps into the unknown, faced more fears than they had recognized before, and truly began to make things happen in our world. These were the world-changers our society still needs. Helping them succeed with their passion is how I am changing the world.

What is “Life Coaching”?

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What is Coaching with Koach Karlssen Like?

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Why “Karlssen”?

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