What Is Life Coaching?

Have you ever been stumped on what to do? Confused about what you want your life to look like? Have you ever just wanted the space to explore, figure out a strategy, and be held accountable to your plan? Life coaching might have been the solution you were looking for…

Life coaching is a service in which a trained professional assists a client in uncovering the motivation, inspiration and steps to completing a  project. In each session, the client brings a topic to discuss, and Koach Karlssen provides a technique, exercise, or structure that creates more clarity, focus, and strategy. In between the sessions, clients work on Action Steps that bring them closer to their goals, large and small.  Clients discover answers and new ways of existing based on their own values, preferences and unique perspectives. It is the client’s project, and only the client knows the right way to achieve it.

Koach Karlssen is not a business consultant, health advisor, or mentor in any of her sessions. She is like a detective, uncovering the clues inside of her clients. She is an accountability holder, keeping her clients on track for what they really want in life, not what they have merely accepted as their fate.  Koach Karlssen assists her clients in MAKING THINGS HAPPEN for themselves!

Curious about how she does it?

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