Change Your Life, Change Your World (Testimonials)

A common misconception of a Life Coach is that I am a Mentor.  While my speaking engagements and writing aim to inspire people into action, my coaching is much different. Every client brings with them the content that she/he wants to work out, and I provide the right structure to empower my clients to make the change possible.  Sometimes this is as simple as providing the space to talk it out; other times I have led visualizations of success for my clients; and many times my clients reach clarity and motivation through specific techniques. That is coaching! It works because it brings out the skills and ideas from the client. Through coaching, my clients learn how to make changes (big and small) that impact their life, and change the world.  As a coach, I get to cheer from the sidelines; as a client, you are empowered to uncover the change you wish to see in the world, and make those changes a reality!

Don’t take my word on it; here are what my clients are saying:

“I enjoy working with Jodi as she lifts my spirits every time we meet, and I leave feeling like I can accomplish all my goals, dreams and aspirations. I always feel understood, and through our discussions I am given confidence that it’s never as hard as it seems. My goals and dreams become clearer every-time we meet, and I truly feel they are more in line with my own values than those of others! Stay true to you is my Mantra!”

~ Michelle Closs, Epicure Independent Consultant Michelle’s Website

“You have provided me with many uplifting moments in my days. You are gifted in painting a picture that opens doors to new perspectives.
Most of all I want to thank you for the heart behind it all. Your heart is a much needed one. The love you have for others, animals, and the world has impacted me and many others and will continue to as you pursue your goals.”                                                ~ Alexa Saleh
Alexa came to me with a vision of one day starting her own company where she helped families live a healthier life. During our coaching time together, the subject of her company changed and the timeline for launching became much shorter. Life may not go exactly as planned, but when we know what we want, we can manifest exactly what we need. Alexa is a Professional House Cleaner for families who want more time to enjoy their health in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area. Check out her Facebook Page: Clean Earth Cleaning.

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